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Download A brief guide to understanding Islam
This Islamic guide is for non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam, Muslims (Moslems), and the Holy Quran (Koran). It is rich in information, references, bibliography, and illustrations. It is brief and simple to read, yet contains much scientific knowledge.
Download Prayer Time table- MAR 2016
Download Time Table- APR 2016
Download DEC 2015
Download Prayer Time Table- JAN 2016
Download Prayer Time table- FEB 2016
Download CIS Directory
A short directory of Cranfield containing information on Cranfield, nearby facilities, and the surrounding areas e.g. Supermarkets, Meat Product shops, Restaurants & Takeaways, Car MOT Centres, Property Agents, Doctors, Dentists & Pharmacies etc.
Download Prayer Timetable JAN (2015)
Download Prayer Timetable FEB (2015)
Download Prayer Timetable MAR (2015)
Download Prayer Timetable APR (2015)
Download Prayer Timetable MAY (2015)
Download Prayer Timetable June (2015)
Download Prayer Timetable July (2015)
Download Prayers Timetable (July 2017)
Download Prayer Timetable August (2015)
Download Prayer Time table- SEP.pdf
Download October 2015 Prayer Time Table
Download Prayer Time table- November 2015
Download JAN (2014) Prayer Timetable